Common immigration Bond Questions

My loved one has just been detained by ICE.

The first thing to do is locate your loved one. You can use our detainee locator . Once your loved one has been located, wait until you know the bail amount. Usually it is posted by 2:00pm. When you know the amount needed to get your loved one out on bond, call Fast Break Immigration so that we can help!

What is the Board of Immigration Appeals? (BIA)

If the detainee is released on bond and appears in court and the presiding judge enters an order of deportation, they may still file an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

How much do immigration bonds cost?

Among the challenges that immigrants face is coming up with the large amount of money required for the bond. This price can range from $500-$50,000 depending upon status, criminal history, family, and employment situations*.

A bond company can help you because when a bond company is hired, the individual only has to pay a percentage of that – much more realistic for anyone trying to figure out how to pay immigration bonds.

What makes Fast Break Immigration different from the rest?

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    High Court Rules That Temporary Means Temporary
    More Cheap Foreign Labor is the Focus of the U.S. Chamber’s New Advocacy Campaign
    CBP Apprehended More Than 180,000 Illegal Aliens in May
    Farm Groups Pressure Senate for More Foreign Farmworkers
    Deporting Illegal Alien Bad Guys Is Not “Anti-Immigrant.” It Is Pro-Victim And Pro-Common-Sense
    USCIS Cuts Corners to Boost Immigration Numbers
    Kamala Harris’ Trip to Guatemala and Mexico Was a Flop
    NYC Mayoral Candidates Want to Put Illegal Aliens on a Pedestal
    HUD Makes Illegal Aliens Feel at Home With Housing Vouchers
    FAIR Fights to Protect the Jobs and Wages of American Workers
    United States Sees Surge in Extra-Continental Illegal Migration
    Illegal Immigration is a Threat to Our Environment
    DHS Considers a Plan to Bring Back Deported Aliens
    School’s Out and Kids Actually Want Summer Jobs, Even as More of them Will Go to Foreign Workers
    Texas Expands Disaster Area as a Sheriff Cracks Down
    Biden Administration Expands the Grounds for TPS
    ICE’s Phone Tracking App Rings Up a Wrong Number
    Illegal Aliens are Being Flown to Cities Across the U.S. in the Dead of Night
    The Tyranny of the “Open Society” and the Fate of the West
    Biden Admin Strikes Agreement with Yogurt Company to Help Address Illegal Immigration
    Biden Administration Grants TPS to Haitians Amid Border Crisis
    Biden Foists New Public Charges on America
    It’s Time to Ditch Mayorkas
    Immigration Courts Allowing More Migrants to Stay in U.S.
    Message to the Entire GOP: Follow the Republican Study Committee’s Lead on Immigration
    In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens to be on Arizona 2022 Ballot
    Growing Inflation Coupled With Unchecked Mass Immigration Is Bad News For The American Middle Class
    Biden Swimming against the Tide (and Common Sense) on Conufucius Institutes
    The Administration Wants To Kill the Immigration Story but Local Sheriffs Aren’t Having It
    Uncle Sam Plays a Shell Game With More Migrant Children
    Border Patrol Agents are Frustrated and Exhausted as the Crisis Rages On
    Sects Use Religious Visas for Unholy Activities in U.S.
    Masses of Venezuelan Migrants Arrive at the Southern Border
    Border Apprehensions in April Reach New 21-Year Monthly Record
    In a Biometric Era, Biden’s Team Sticks With a Horse and Buggy
    Border Crisis Opens the Door to Criminal Aliens
    Will Apprehending of More Than 1,600 Illegal Aliens Over a Weekend be Commonplace This Summer?
    Deporter In Chief? Not on Biden’s Watch
    Will Elise Stefanik Correct Her Course on Immigration?
    Biden Admin Empties One of Its Largest Detention Facilities
    Pew Research Finds Nearly 60 Percent of Americans Oppose Giving Citizenship to Illegal Aliens
    Sex Offenders Catch a Break With Biden
    Washington Post Goes All-In on Busting Senate Rules to Get Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
    Halted Border Wall Contracts Cost Taxpayers $6 Million a Day
    Tim Scott Failed To Mention Border Crisis or Immigration In Response to Biden Speech
    Biden Administration Restricts Immigration Arrests at Courthouses
    Texas Counties Declare a Disaster; Governor Will Send Biden the Bill
    New Biden Policy Instructs ICE Officers to Censor Arrest Reports
    What Can Be Done Right Now to Solve the Border Crisis
    Outrage In France As Migrant Avoids Criminal Responsibility For Brutally Murdering Jewish Woman
    Why Has There Been Not a Peep From the Veep on the Border Crisis?
    Without U.S. Border Security, Central America Aid Package Will Fail
    You Can’t Make this Stuff Up: VP Harris Holds Talks about the Border Crisis with the President of Finland!
    Biden Administration’s Pledge of Truth and Transparency is Hiding in the Shadows
    Do U.S. Universities Need Students from China?
    CBP Officers Seize $11 Million-Worth of Narcotics as the Border Crisis Escalates
    Biden and Democrats in Congress Unrelentingly Push for Amnesty
    Psychics Weren’t Needed to Predict Biden’s Border Crisis
    See No Border Crisis, Hear No Border Crisis, (And Definitely) Speak No Border Crisis
    Raising Foreign Worker Cap, Biden Turns Against Americans
    With the Current Border Crisis, E-Verify is More Important Than Ever
    Biden’s Solution to a Border in Chaos? Amnesty, Of Course
    Arizona Lawsuit Blasts Biden’s ‘Pinnacle of Hypocrisy’
    Rising Apprehensions Didn’t Stop Biden From Going Ahead with Reckless Executive Actions
    Biden’s Personnel Picks Predicted the Path of Immigration Policy
    The Roots of the Border Crisis Were Planted on the Campaign Trail
    No-Bid Contracts Mean Big Bucks for Migrant Services Provider
    Senate Democrats Push to Make Illegal Alien Amnesty a “Budget Issue”
    An Increasing Number of Democrats Are Frustrated with Biden’s Immigration Approach
    Biden Admin Opens Two New Migrant Children Detention Centers, Cost of Housing Reaches $60 Million a Week
    Unpacking an Asylum Fraud Case That Contains So Much Absurdity
    Texas and Missouri Sue Biden Administration to Reinstate Remain-in-Mexico
    Biden’s CBP and USCIS Picks Guaranteed to Worsen Border Crisis
    Biden’s Smoke and Mirrors at the Border
    According to AOC, America, not the border crisis, is the problem
    Florida Strengthens Immigration Enforcement as the Biden Administration Weakens it
    Biden’s Open Borders Agenda Paves the Way for Terrorists
    Record Number of Apprehensions Along Southern Border in March
    White House Re-Imagines U.S. Asylum Law
    The New York Times Misrepresents the Purpose of TPS
    The Death of a North Carolina Father of Two Sheds Light on Illegal Alien Crime
    New York Finalizing Plan to Give Illegal Aliens $20,000 Checks
    Florida Sues Over ‘Public-Safety Nightmare’
    Porous Borders Invite Terrorist Infiltration
    Migrant Children to Receive In-person Teaching Before American Students
    April Fool! Team Biden Tackles Climate Change With Mass Immigration
    Americans Give President Biden Failing Marks on Immigration
    Nothing About Open Borders is “Compassionate”
    Introduced Bills to Encourage the Deportation of Criminals, Gang Members and Terrorists
    I Was at the Southern Border at Midnight. Here’s What Happened.
    Biden Ends Guestworker Pause Despite Dire Economic Outlook
    Crowdsourcing is No Answer to Chaos at the Border
    Concerned about Border Apprehensions? You Should See the Ones Who Got Away
    Mexico and Central America Brace for Incoming Waves of Illegal Immigration
    Parental Guidance Pulls Unaccompanied Minors Into U.S.
    Democratic Nation Committee Offers “Animal House” Defense for Border “Challenge”
    Ken Cuccinelli: Biden-Harris Administration “Wants” a Border Crisis
    CBP Releasing Asylum Seekers Without Scheduled Court Dates
    The Answer to Slowing the Border Surge is Obvious
    Mayorkas Leaves the Light on for Migrants
    Mayorkas’ Thin Skin and Illegal Alien Crime
    Republican Lawmakers Attempt to Defend Amnesty Votes
    With the Massive Influx of Unaccompanied Minors, Biden Admin Shifts Blame to Trump
    The President of El Salvador Emphasizes That Mass Migration Involves Costs for Both Sending and Receiving Nations
    Mexico Heightens Interior Enforcement to Stem Mass Migration Crisis Caused by Biden Immigration Policies
    American ‘Values’ and the Public Charge Law
    House Passes Two Amnesty Bills – How Did Your Representative Vote?
    Cato Institute’s “Analysis” on Illegal Alien Crime Latest in Long History of Poor Scholarship
    Facing the Consequences of Biden’s Policies, Texas Seeks to Build the Wall
    ICE Boss Pleads ‘Limited Resources’ While He Ties Up Officers
    Biden Administration Scrambling to Stem the Border Crisis
    Time to Make E-Verify Bigger in Texas
    Rep. Salazar Recycles Same Tired Pro-Amnesty Talking Points
    Operation Lone Star Moves to Tackle Growing Crisis at the Southern Border
    Bill Introduced Giving Alcoholics and Drug Users an Easier Path to Naturalization
    UCLA Student Government Grants Large Stipends to Illegal Aliens
    You Know It’s Bad When the President of Mexico is Telling You to Cool It
    Illegal Immigration for FY 2021 Already Surpassed Total 2018 Levels
    Extra-Continental Migrants Blend With Border Rush
    Biden Too Busy to Answer Questions about the Border (During Photo-Op at a Hardware Store)
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Mass Migration, Culture, and the Undermining of Women’s Rights
    Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuelans
    Biden Administration Grants Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans. Will it Be Temporary?
    San Diego Border Patrol Encountering Record Number of Illegal Aliens With Prior Arrests for Sexual Offenses
    Southern Door Swings Open for Cheap Child Labor
    A Lack of Commitment to Enforce Our Borders Renders CBP Tech Improvements Ineffective
    Haitians Don’t Want to be Deported After Entering Country Illegally
    COVID Migrants Get a Pass and Head Into U.S
    Democrats’ PRO Act is the Ultimate Con Job on the American Worker
    New Immigration Polls Aren’t Going Biden’s Way
    Loss of Human Life is Always Tragic, But Preventable Losses of Life are Also Infuriating
    DHS Secretary Spins a Historic Border Crisis Into a Mere Challenge
    Mexico’s President Suggests Restarting Bracero-like Program
    Trump’s Scathing Indictment of Biden’s Radical Immigration Policies at CPAC
    Boosting Diversity Lottery is a Bad Bet for U.S.
    Biden Administration Adds Insult to Injury in Frozen, Battered Texas
    Biden Pushes Border Problem Deeper Into U.S.
    Biden Administration Caught In a Child Migrant Controversy of Its Own Making
    Biden Discovers That You Can’t Appease the Woke Mob
    Texas Mayor Pleas for Biden to Stop Releasing Illegal Aliens into His City
    Biden’s Morality Play: More U.S. Jobs for Foreign Workers
    Mass Immigration and the Squeezing of the American Middle and Working Class
    Who is Xavier Becerra? Meet Biden’s Nominee for HHS Secretary
    Biden Delivers His Immigration Bill. Many Democrats Act as Though He Dropped a Bomb
    Memo Puts Shackles on ICE Agents
    Mexico and Guatemala Tighten Borders for Possible Migrant Caravans
    Biden Immigration Measures Create Massive Pull Effect at the Southern Border
    No National Emergency at Border? It’s Just Getting Started
    FAIR Fact-Check: Do 95 Percent of Illegal Aliens Show Up for Their Court Dates?
    Angel Mom to President Biden: “Please Make Decisions to Help Americans, Not People Who Disrespect our Laws”
    No National Emergency at Border? It’s Just Getting Started
    President Biden’s Immigration Orders Have a Popularity Problem
    Biden Can ‘Verify’ How Much He Values U.S. Workers
    Authorities Apprehend Hundreds of Illegal Aliens in Three Days
    Biden’s Deportation Policy Is Unbelievably More Radical than Obama’s
    Biden Tells States Their Input on Refugee Resettlement is No Longer Welcome
    Biden Intends to Increase Refugee Numbers by More Than 730 Percent
    Deportation Defense Funds are Proliferating When Taxpayers Can Least Afford Them
    Senators Vote to Block Stimulus Checks for Illegals but Against Restricting Immigration Increases
    South Texas City Feels Effects of Catch and Release
    Open-Borders Proponents Keep Pushing “Sanctuary Cities” Myth
    Oversight of Foreign Student Work Program Goes Dark
    CBP, ICE, State and Local Law Enforcement Team Up to Fight the Dark Underbelly of the Super Bowl: Human Trafficking
    Will Billions More in Foreign Aid Stop Mass Migration?
    Senators Demand Details About Risks Posed by Biden Deportation Moratorium
    Joe Biden’s Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration: Address the Root Causes of Migration
    Biden’s Amnesty Would Grant Immediate Legal Status to TPS, DACA and Illegal Farmworkers
    Seeking a ‘Back Door’ For More Central American Migrants
    Erecting Wall at Capitol Building Reveals Hypocrisy and Reaffirms Wall is Needed at Southern Border
    Senate Confirms Alejandro Mayorkas as DHS Secretary
    “Sarah’s Law” Reintroduced as Biden Rolls Back Immigration Enforcement
    Biden Taps U.N. Flack For Transborder Security Chief
    Biden’s Invitation To Terrorists and Anti-American Radicals
    New Bill Would Preserve Border Measures Against COVID
    Colleges Need a New School of Thought on Immigration
    Biden Stops Border Wall Construction, Rolling Out the Red Carpet For More Illegal Migration
    Rep. Bob Good Introduces the “No Asylum for Criminals Act”
    Suing Over ‘Surge’ Memo, Texas Fights Deportation Pause
    “Remain in Mexico” Policy on the Chopping Block
    Mexico Eyes Dual Citizenship With Amnesty Package
    Biden Warms Up Central American Caravans
    Big Tech Makes an Unsurprising Statement on Immigration and DACA
    ICE’s 287(g) Program Highly Effective in FY 2020
    Despite Little Media Attention, Coastal Apprehensions Saw Record Numbers in FY 2020
    ICE Displays Criminal Aliens on Billboards in Several North Carolina Cities
    California’s Sanctuary Policies Allow 10-Time Deportee to Commit Brutal Murder
    Warning: Biden Promises to Unveil Mass Amnesty Bill “Immediately” After Inauguration
    Report: Fewer Immigrants Receiving Public Benefits
    Will the Biden Administration Take a Stand Against Catch and Release?
    Illegal Alien Rakes in Nearly $4 Million by Scamming Other Immigrants
    Merrick Garland as Attorney General: What Does it Mean for Immigration?
    Foul Play: County Sidelines Sports While Shielding Criminal Aliens
    Georgia Sheriffs Races Produced Not-So-Peachy Results
    Republicans Improved Their Standing Among Hispanic Voters By Not Pandering
    After a Rough Year, Congress Squeezes ICE
    Extra-Continentals Rising at America’s Southern Border
    Fact Check – FALSE: New Study Claims 69 Percent of Illegal Aliens are Working in COVID Essential Jobs
    ICE Deported Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Aliens, Including Gang Members in FY 2020
    Critical Proclamation Barring Foreign Guest Workers Is Set to Expire, Trump Must Extend
    Tom Homan’s Must-Read Book on Immigration
    Congress Stimulates Blue-Collar Visas, ‘Mixed-Status’ Households
    Ted Cruz Blocks Hong Kong Immigration Bill That Jeopardizes National Security
    Joe Biden’s Border Wall Cave-In: ‘Savings’ That Cost Untold Billions
    What Biden’s Labor Department Pick Could Signal for Working Class Americans
    Aurora Pushes Legislation That Caters To The Needs Of Illegal Aliens
    Open Borders Radicals See a Bad Moon Rising. Let’s Hope They’re Right
    There’s Only Two Things Stopping “The Biden Effect,” and They Might Be Gone Soon…
    New H-2B Amnesty Bill Offers Preview of Biden’s Guestworker Approach
    Trump Administration Finalizes a New Crack Down on Fraudulent Asylum Claims
    Joe Biden Means Good Business for Human Smugglers
    Chile Acts to Stem Mass Migration Amid Pandemic, as New U.S. Administration Induces New Migration Wave
    Google Doodles While U.S. Workers Suffer
    Big City Newspaper Runs Op-ed Questioning Why “Habitual Drunkenness” Should Be a Disqualification for Citizenship
    New Honduran Migrant Caravan Forms: Wasn’t This Predictable?
    Expect Biden Administration to Exploit Climate Change to Increase Immigration
    House Rams Through Dangerous Hong Kong Amnesty Bill
    Voter Fraud Erodes Election Integrity
    Operation Broken Promise – Too Little, Too Late
    A Reminder to Politicians: You Serve the American People, Not Foreign Nationals
    Senate and Judge Do Big Tech’s Bidding on H-1B Visas
    The Next U.S. President Must Keep the Asylum Agreements with Mexico and the Northern Triangle
    The Slippery Slope of Sanctuary
    Will the Supreme Court Exclude Illegal Aliens from Census Apportionment?
    Chinese National Under Removal Order Remained Unmoved
    How Illegal Migration Fuels Child Labor in American Suburbia
    County Supervisors Ignore Danger of Sanctuary Policy at Others’ Peril
    Insatiable Immigration Lobby Demands ‘More’ From Biden
    Mexico’s Ambassador Calls For Resuming Mass Migration To The U.S.
    What a Glimpse of Biden’s Cabinet Tells Us About His Immigration Policy
    Federal Judge Bars Immigration Arrests at San Diego Area Courthouses
    Clinton Judge Keeps Asylum Door Open for Criminals
    House Homeland Security Chairman Introduces DHS Reform Bill
    Labor Dept. IG: Foreign Worker Programs Still Susceptible To Fraud
    In the Midst of High Unemployment Canada Turns to Immigrants to “Save” Their Economy
    More Globalist, Pro-Mass-Migration Propaganda From Foreign Policy
    Why Are Border Apprehensions At A 15-Year High?
    Labor Rule Strikes a Blow for U.S. Workers
    Big Tech’s Immigration Mouthpiece Endorses Amnesty for Current Illegal Aliens and Exploitation of the Next Wave
    Reviving DACA Is Simply The Means To An Unfortunate End
    2020 Cases Demonstrate How Guestworker Programs Are Abused
    The Biden Effect on COVID and the Border
    Setting the Record Straight: California’s Pardons and Commutations on Illegal Aliens Won’t Protect Them from Removal
    The U.S. Citizenship Test Should Be Challenging
    Will Mexico Continue Holding the Line Against Illegal Immigration for the Next U.S. President?
    Chinese Cartels Are Expanding the Drug Trade in Mexico —And It’s Killing Americans
    Gimme Shelter: Guatemala Seeks Temporary Protected Status
    Brookings Institution Report Misleadingly Suggests GuestWorker EO Cost Corporations Billions
    Open Borders Groups Make Their Demands, But Will Biden Listen?
    UK Raises the Stakes of Sanctuary-Like Policies
    The 2020 Election Gives Pause to an Immigration Enthusiast
    Guilty Plea in California Chinese Marriage Fraud Case
    Substance Over Style: Trump, GOP Make Gains with Hispanic Voters
    DHS Threat Assessment Warns of Post-COVID Border Surge
    Islamist Radicalism Remains a Threat, Even in the Age of COVID
    Down-Ballot Races Could Affect Efforts to Fight Sanctuary Policies
    France’s Bloody Reminder Why We Must Not Return to a “Let-Everyone-In-And-We’ll-Sort-It-Out-Later” Asylum Policy
    Abandonment Issues Haunt Children at the Border
    ICE Union Endorses President Trump for Re-Election
    In Elections, Noncitizen Ballots Have Consequences
    DOJ Has Charged More Than 700 MS-13 Gang Members in Four Years
    DHS Announces New Center for Countering Human Trafficking
    Linda Ronstadt’s Distorted Views on History and Immigration
    MS-13 Gang Outruns, Outguns Immigration Enforcement
    Biden Promises to Amnesty Over 11 Million in his First 100 Days
    ‘I Spies’: U.S. Clamps Down on China Journalists
    Manhattan Institute Confuses Cause and Effect When it Comes to Population Growth
    The Notorious OPT Program Can’t Be Mended, So It Must Be Ended
    Operation Rise Targets Criminal Aliens in Sanctuary Jurisdictions
    DOJ finds 94 Percent of Foreign Nationals in Federal Prison are Illegal Aliens
    Is Trump Why Migrant Children Are Still Not Reunited With Their Parents?