How To Get An Immigration Bond

Where do I go to get an immigration bond?

Once you find out the amount needed for the bond, you can call Fast Break Immigration.  Once you call us and become our client, you will no longer have to go down to the detention center. We will handle everything from here. Your job will be to ensure that your loved one shows up at each and every court appearance put forth by the judge.

I don't have enough money for an immigration bond.

If you don’t have enough money for an immigration bond in full, don’t worry. Fast Break Immigration will be able to put the money up for you so that your loved one can be returned to your family as soon as possible.

Who is eligible for an immigration bond?

In order to be eligible for an immigration bond, you must meet the following criteria:
  • You cannot have committed or been convicted of a certain type of serious crime.
  • You must not be an arriving alien, or a person who is applying for admission at a port of entry.

What happens at an immigration hearing?

According to All Law, a person held by ICE has a right to have his or her immigration case heard before an immigration judge -The first hearing will be a short one, to set a bond amount for release while awaiting the next hearing. The next hearing will fully cover the merits of the person’s case. With the help of a lawyer, your family member may be able to argue against removal. For example, it might be possible to show that your family member actually has a right to a green card or (if he or she already has a green card), that the crime committed is not actually enough to make a person deportable.